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Jim’s Positions

Economy & Inflation

Jim, a staunch supporter of ACT 10, wants to make the cost of living more affordable for working families. He supports tax cuts and eliminating the state income tax long with reducing burdens and regulations on small businesses. He supported the repeal of the personal property tax. 

Jim supports reducing the tax burden on retirees. Jim will work to make Wisconsin government more efficient. He believes in balanced budgets. Jim wants all Wisconsinites to succeed by improving the state’s business climate to create jobs. As an entrepreneur, Jim understands the needs of small businesses.

Illegal Immigration

Jim believes the Democrats’ dangerous immigration policies affect local communities. He wants the border secured. He supports President Trump’s border wall and ending birthright citizenship. 

Jim opposes granting driver’s licenses and voting rights to illegal immigrants. He believes all counties should enter ICE’s 287g program to screen inmates in local jails for immigration status. 

Jim supports efforts to combat the flow of fentanyl and other illegal drugs into Wisconsin communities. 

Jim has taken the lead on reporting the illegal immigration status of multiple suspects in serious crimes and fatal accidents, when that information was censored by the liberal news media.


Election Integrity

Jim believes the Wisconsin Election Commission should be abolished. He opposes dropboxes, Democracy in the Park and indefinitely confined voting. Jim wants Zuckerbucks banned, absentee ballot rules tightened, and he opposes the WEC flouting of state laws on nursing homes.

Jim was the first to expose the use of Zuckerbucks in Green Bay through his investigative reporting. Jim also extensively reported on the Racine sheriff’s investigation into WEC ignoring state laws on nursing home voting. Jim also helped break the story on the Milwaukee County voting flashdrive being misplaced.

Jim is a strong supporter of Voter ID, and he wants voter registration rolls cleaned up.

Public Safety

Jim opposes eliminating cash bail. He supports qualified immunity for law enforcement officers. He wants tougher penalties for reckless driving.

Jim supports fully funding police departments and opposes depleting the number of sworn officers on the streets. He supports tough-on-crime DAs and judges. He is a proponent of the “Broken Windows” theory of law enforcement. Jim supports tougher penalties for repeat felons and wants illegal immigrants who commit crimes to be deported.

Jim believes there is a mental health crisis and law enforcement has been over burdened trying to cope with the crisis. Jim believes legislation should be created to form mental health mobile crisis units in every county and funding to build mental health faciilities statewide. 

Jim was the first to expose John Chisholm’s terrible non-prosecution record and was the first to shed light on the out-of-control court backlogs in Milwaukee County. Jim helped expose the dangerous problems caused by the Collins Agreement, which has stymied proactive policing in Milwaukee. Jim helped break the story of Darrell Brooks’ previous bail issues and criminal history.

Second Amendment

Jim is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment and is an advocate for constitutional carry. He has a CCW permit. He is a hunter and fisherman and a strong supporter of gun rights and Wisconsin’s hunting and fishing heritage.


Transgender Surgeries for Minors

Jim wants transgender surgeries for minors banned. He also believes that puberty blockers should be banned for transgender minors.

Jim’s investigative  reporting has led the way in exposing the fact that Wisconsin hospitals are performing mastectomies on minors and giving them irreversible hormone treatments.


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