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Jim Piwowarczyk Announces Run for Assembly: ‘Conservatives Must Start Winning Again’

Town of Erin, WI – Former law enforcement officer and small business owner Jim Piwowarczyk is running for the 98th Assembly District to “continue fighting for conservative policies and to help save this state from Democratic control. Conservatives must start winning again.”

Raised in Washington County, Piwowarczyk, a town of Erin resident, is a lifelong conservative and entrepreneur who co-founded the conservative news site Wisconsin Right Now in 2020. Through Wisconsin Right Now, he has won reporting awards for everything from his coverage of the Kenosha riots to investigative stories exposing Gov. Tony Evers’ appointee’s paroles of murderers and rapists into Wisconsin communities.

The parole series changed state law, making the parole process more transparent to the public and better serving of victims.

Jim Piwowarczyk has sat in as a host and is a regular guest on WISN-1130 AM and contributes to Newmax. The 98th Assembly district covers part of Washington and Waukesha Counties, including Hartford, Erin, Richfield, Sussex, and Merton. He is running as a Republican. The district has no incumbent.


“I love this state and hate what is being done to it through liberal policies,” Piwowarczyk said in a news release. “I believe in law and order over rioting and disorder, and education over indoctrination. I believe in parents’ rights, election integrity, and getting the government off the backs of small businesses. I want you to keep more of the money you earn. An avid hunter, fisherman, and CCW permit holder, I am very pro-2nd Amendment.”

Piwowarczyk’s campaign website further outlines his positions on the issues.

Piwowarczyk, who is backing President Donald Trump in the presidential election, says in the release, “I want the border secured, inflation controlled, and conservative Supreme Court picks.”

Jim Piwowarczyk Served Nearly 20 Years in Law Enforcement

Jim Piwowarczyk, 53, has nearly 20 years of law enforcement experience combined with Glendale (patrol sergeant) and Kewaskum Police Departments. He was a field training officer and crime scene investigator. He left policing to pursue real-estate investments, develop fitness clubs, and found a real estate brokerage, the release notes.

Jim piwowarczyk
Jim piwowarczyk,


“I have watched with dismay as public safety in Milwaukee County disintegrates with out-of-control reckless driving and insane policies that put criminals first,” he says. “We need to hold the line firm here.”

Piwowarczyk’s investigative reporting for Wisconsin Right Now also exposed the accusations that Janet Protasiewicz engaged in elder abuse and used racial slurs.

Jim piwowarczyk
Jim piwowarczyk.

“I am angry at what the liberal State Supreme Court did regarding the legislative maps,” he says. “I want to help turn the state red again. I will knock on every door twice if I have to. We are fighting for the future of our state.”

Piwowarczyk believes conservatives need to unite. “Control of the Legislature is at stake,” he said.

Jim Piwowarczyk and his wife, Sue, raised their family of three children (Jenna, Luke, and Summer) and German Shepherd “Chief” in the Town of Erin, sending their kids to Erin School and Hartford Union High School. He has volunteered as a youth coach. “I love this state and hate what is being done to it through liberal policies,” Piwowarczyk said.

“We need a new movement of conservatives who can take this state back and ensure we keep control of the Legislature,” said Piwowarczyk. “We must start winning again.” He said he will reach out to all conservatives and also those non-conservative voters who are frustrated with inflation, the border, crime, and liberal policies that are making communities less safe.


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